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Overspill (UK)

published by Adam
My Peeling Skin

Overspill are a 3 piece rock band hailing from Liverpool. They have endured a few bass player changes but as 'Overspill' they have been together for 5 years. Now with a new bass player (this one is a keeper), a string of hit makers and more passion and energy than you could shake a stick at. These guys are ready for everything the industry has to throw at them.
Nick writes all the songs for the band. His ability to create well thought out, meaningful lyrics, great, catchy music with amazingly produced hooks set the band in good stead for massive success. Ever the perfectionist, Nick is well known for re-writing/re-recording songs and nothing gets passed until he is happy (much to the guys annoyance). Instant hits include; crowd favourite 'Heavy Smoker'. A song that powerful the crowd starts to resemble that of a football match as the angry thumping drums and jack hammer guitars kick off a potential riot atmosphere. This teamed with winners like 'Anaesthetized', 'First Time (On My Own) and 'My Peeling Skin' make for a great gig by a talented unsigned act, with their anti-establishment, needle in the arm attitude. With new songs under his hat this band is not about to stop anytime soon. Thanks to this persistence in pursuit of the perfect song Overspill are lucky enough to have produced potentially huge debut album; Our Enemies Are In Our Sights.


Overspill have been making an impact in Liverpool and up and down the UK and even Germany where they have been going down a storm. With well written, highly infectious songs and the talent and presence of the lads along with superb reviews and a lot of industry interest. Its no wonder fans are chomping at the bit for the next Overspill gig, debuting their newest member on bass - Adam Knox. The lads have enjoyed press and airplay from everything from university radio, to American radio, appearances on Channel 4, Propeller (Sky) and even MTV Asia. The amount of US interest is on the up, with promoters and labels trying desperately to get the guys over there.This band is definitely not to be missed.
They are a tight knit band who are in it 100% for the music and always have been. They want the chance to effect you with their music, so go on give them a go!
They draw their influences on Audioslave, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stoneage.
Genre - Rock

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