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Overspill UK Tour Dates

published by Adam

Overspill have recently come back from the USA, riding high on a successful tour, however, the machine does not stop there and there is no rest for the wicked, so they say. Back on home turf the Liverpool trio are about to embark on a lot more rock n' roll adventures to come!

Over the last few months Overspill have been busy rehearsing and recording their up coming EP at Crosstown Studios, planning and playing lots of gigs. Recently, they joined Global Onslaught on the West Coast of America tour and were very well received. But for Nick, Adam and Vince this is not enough, like a rock n' roll machine they just keep going. The lads are about to embark on a tour on home turf, it's a work in progress and dates are being added by the week as the word get's out about the Overspill message. Listen to them on any of the sites and you are instantly taken by the music, go and see them live and it's a whole new story. Energetic is an understatement, you can feel it working its way through every single part of your body as they pound through your system, this is not music for the faint hearted, this is rock n roll at its finest. 

On the UK tour line up you can see Slam Cartel, The Chasing Dark and Silverbox This line up is incredible and something not to be missed, so don't! Get yourself along to these dates and be blown away by them all.

You can find out more about it here and where you can catch them and have the rock n' roll adventure of a lifetime.

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