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The Raygun Girls

published by Violet V (Reagen)

Originating from New York, NY, This 3 piece powerhouses are no strangers to the world of music releasing “Mars Eclipsing” in 2004, “The Ones I Denied “in 2006, “Dirt Collector” in 2009 and “The Taker” 2011. The wicked laid low going through many lineup changes and personal struggles, but through the fire the victors arose. Smashing their way back on to the scene in 2013 with their self-titled full length album “The Raygun Girls' ode to the Apocalypse and a call to Revolution.  After listening to this album I have to say it was worth the wait!



“The Raygun Girls” offers the listener a gritty, hard as nails concept of apocalyptic doom, brutal invasions and the virtue to rise up and fight for your ultimate survival.


The opener “The Time is now” thrusts through your chest with hostile heart murmuring drum blasts. The distorted guitar and intense solos kick the song into high gear. Geoff exudes straining and down right dirty vocals giving this song its punch.

“Speak the Disappointment,” offers a captivating strong bass lead and high pitched / chugging guitar riffs layered with powerful and clean vocals.  The track

“Look to the Skies” has elements of 90’s grunge mixed with amazing guitar leads and slides. The vocals are jarring and sharp.  Tracks like “Believe” and “Raise Your Voices” fill you with anticipation for the free for all brawls that wait beyond the horizon. The urgency of these tracks is evident like a heroic, motivational tirade to an army of minions.

The track “Ghosts” is a realization piece of the evil we bring on to ourselves. Slow sluggish guitars combined with deep bass lines and a hint of “Doors” influence in the vocals scream out in agony.  The last three songs give you a visual of the strike they impose, a battle they will win and the bloodshed of many… to bring forth the rise of a new world. 

Bring your guns…“Stand Up” and fight; “The Coming” is upon us. We will march in unison to the death of one world for the birth of another. “I Will Remain” Stable in mind and soul able bodied to protect those who do not have refuge and we will see the dawning of a new day.



This album defers from your typical hard rock sound. The Raygun Girls cross genres of Metal, Goth and Industrial music, to bring you an original creation from the minds of tenacious men. The combinations of influences contribute to the complexity and nostalgia that intrigues the listener, mixing unearthly and energetic vibes. To help you envision the rise of a nation to fight the battles with ourselves, our past, politicians, the rich, the beings from another world. A must have!!

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