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Frosthelm, North Dakota's axe masters!

published by Violet V (Reagen)


Hailing from Minot, North Dakota, and contriving a vile brew of Blackened plague-infused thrash, this 4 piece of monstrous mammoths formed in 2009, bringing with them tremendous talent and a no hold barred attitude. Armed and ready to embark on a epic journey of metal mayhem, FROSTHELM set out and quickly earned themselves vast respect and colossal momentum in the local scene, including making an appearance in TERRORIZER magazine's September 2012 issue and on the "Fear Candy" CD compilation series. FROSTHELM have been injecting the masses one by one with their malicious creations but now they are ready to unleash their monster upon societies minions, announcing the release of their debut EP "The Northwinds Rend Flesh" abundant with haunting riffs, head banging rhythms, and soul-chilling savagery. Bringing to life a unique and inspiring creation to the new school arena of extreme music.


“The Northwinds Rend flesh” is an assault on the ears while griping your soul and pummeling you into the blacked metal abyss of musician mastery. The chilling entrance of razor sharp winds and cryptic guitars send shivers down your spine, as they lead you down a winding road of infinite horror. The immense riffs, complex bass lines and severe drum blasts set the stage for the vicious demonic wails spewed from Tyler’s mouth of madness. The track “Goblindriver” leaves the listener white knuckled from the go, it thrusts you into a sea of instrumental chaos, malicious speed beats mixed with vile guitar riffs and death chugs, strapping you down for a ride through hell. Catchy rhythms and thunderous growls mixed with bone chilling screams grab you by the throat and show no mercy. “Reaping The Seeds Of Corruption” is sheer brutality, bringing to view an entity of malicious fierceness. Filling your lungs with doom spiked artic air it reduces you to your knees, to gaze upon the utter terror staring, leering back at you. It opens its foul jaws, swallowing you into a nightmare of lunacy met by accosting speed beats, booming bass, shredding guitars and beastly roars.  The last track “Damage Over Time” layers hellacious riffs, deep evil guttural vocals and repugnant shrieks with non stop rapid fire speeds beats, dropping you into a pans labyrinth or excruciating punishment that pleases the tortured soul. The lyrics drip like venom off Tyler’s tongue encaging you against the crevasses of his mind.


FROSTHELM have developed into a well-oiled machine; the way they connect and sync into each other is admirable. This EP is a unique fusion of musicianship, hard hitting riffs and intense thrash combined with massive melodies and catchy rhythms. Like the clammy hands of time it snatches you up from your sheltered existence and pulls your mutilated carcass into a menacing world of horrific possibilities and chilling consequences. It brings with it a presence, reminding me why I love metal, the rush it gives you, the truth it can speak, the power it gives a voice. As it digs into your soul, in that moment let it consume you.

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