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The most popular genre of music in the world

Google released an interactive infographic that lets you know the most popular music genres from the 50s to today.

What were the rock lighthouses years?

What is the genre that holds the record for popularity?

hornWhat was the most popular musical genre in 1955 ?

Jazz, we Google said.

The US giant has released , via its Google Play Music service , an infographic that traces the popularity of musical genres from the 50s to today.

To base its graphics on real data , Google has chosen to use the information Play Music users, their music collection to be more precise .

Thus, by analyzing these collections , Google has seen what were the most popular genres and he has matched genre , year of publication and popularity to offer the computer graphics.

In this article you’ll only an image, but note that the graph published by Google is interactive, find the link at end of article. Clicking on a style of music, you will have access to the various ‘branches’ that constitute the genre.

For example, to ‘Rock’, you will find the hard rock, progressive, psychedelic, classic …

By selecting a style, a subgenre, a number of popular albums will be presented. It’s always the opportunity to discover new things, classics which have escaped us.

Obviously, this infographic is not 100% reliable because it is based only on the Google Play Music data which, in addition to not have the absolute truth, is far from the most popular music service . Note that pre-50’s music is absent because Google says the data are too disparate before that period.

Although the accuracy of computer graphics is questionable, the document still worth a visit, would not that to realize the explosion of musical diversity over the years or simply discover new albums.

guitarIn fact it was equality, and popular musical eras today.

We listen today may be more rock than pop of the 80s, this does not mean that in the 80’s rock was more popular than pop.

From another point of view ,According to a ” map of the musical world ” compiled by Spotify , Hip Hop is listened all other musical families , report .

Map analysis nearly 20 billion pieces and shows the local listening trends in over 1,000 villes.

Mise updated twice a month, this card playlists with songs “representative” of a city. By ” representative ” means frequently listened to by the people of the city in question .

Thus, in the British capital, Jamie XX, the rapper JME and Slavs are the most popular artists .

The map also shows that Hip Hop is the most listened music genre in the world.