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No matter the measures you take, Rogue One movie is a sure-fire hit. It is likely to be one of the popular movies franchises of all time, and there is a great director behind the camera. Beyond all homages and explosions, there is a struggle below the surface of the movie.

Top charactersmovie

Rogue One casts Felicity Jones, Academy Award nominee, Jyn Also. She is a rebellious woman that is recruited by Rebel Alliance to retrieve and find her long-lost dad, who is the designer of Death Star, which is a planet destroying the weapon. For the mission she is to undertake, she is accompanied by Rebel Intelligence officer Diego Luna and a group of teammates such as Donnie Yen, Riz Ahmed, and Wen Jiang.

Orson Krennic and the whole empire opposes the ragtag team. As protagonists of this movie try to wrench into diabolical plans of this Empire. This is first Star Wars standalone movies that are dramatically giving longtime fans. Instead of going all-in-one approach, the director does an amazing job by delivering on all options irrespective of few flaws in the final product. It works quite well and as a compromise between old and new.

Some critics argue that this movie is a gamble, which pays off with characters. They say that too artificial when it comes to other computer generated characters. Fortunately, the performance of new characters makes up for the computer generated flaws.

The main charactemovie 2r can be said to be well-suited for Star Wars universe. In fact, you can say the same to every member of the movie’s cast of protagonists. They seem to carve out unique, interesting roles in events, which transpire around them. They also avoid coming across as disposable allies. You will find Jiang and Yen’s characters quite fascinating to watch. This movie hints at deeper stories. Also, the audience has quite very little time as the resistance leader with mystic powers appears.

The villain

The primary villain in this movie is the sinister Imperial officer that shares a lot in common. There is a lot about this character and his performance. In any case, it is not an easy task. Even though there are memorable performances by the newcomers and homages of past, this movie does not feel impactful as compared to preceding films. Thus, you get to the film by knowing that villains and heroes get a passing reference in new chapters.