Choosing the Best Downloader

By   29/03/2019

Anyone who has access to the internet, and loves watching movies will definitely want a tv series download so that they can download and continue watching that cool television series even when they are offline. In this internet generation, a lot has changed. The age of buying a movie that you can freely download is almost gone. Now people with internet access can watch and download their favorite movies as soon as they are released. However, before you start smiling and wondering where you have been all this time, you, first of all, have to know that you cannot trust every single downloader that you find on the internet. If you want a downloader, it is essential that you look at these important points so that you can choose the best and enjoy watching.


When it comes to downloading not just an internet downloader but any online application, the most important factor you need to consider is security. There are some programs out there that can easily damage and even ground your computer. Therefore, your personal computer’s safety should be your top priority since some hackers can also use this software to get into your pc and steal valuable information.

Download Files

video downloadOnce you are sure that your online security is guaranteed, the next step is to know the type of files that a particular downloader can manage to download. Understand that movies are uploaded and stored in different formats. The most popular formats are flv, mp4, and webm. However, while online you will be able to see other formats. Therefore, before downloading any program, it is essential that you understand the type of files you will be able to download.


As you are comparing the different downloaders and getting to know the specific type of files that each can download, it is also essential that you look at the quality of the videos that you will be able to download. Different downloaders have different video quality. If you do not know how to select the one with the best download quality, then you should consider reading reviews or checking out comparison sites.


The last but equally important factor to consider is the download speed. Some people argue that the internet connection speed determines the rate at which a downloader can complete downloading. Note that as much as internet connection speed can determine speed, a downloader can also affect it significantly.

Different Fun Activities For Children

By   07/12/2017

It’s not an easy thing to bond with kids nowadays because most of them are busy with social media. When kids are home for a holiday you will always have the urge to try and bond with them as a parent. The only thing that can make you bond with the kids is if you have fun activities that you can both participate in. Studies have proved that family time is so useful to the kids because it will boost their self-esteem and increase how their development socially. But you don’t need extravagant activities to have that family time. Click here for the fun activities for kids that like to bounce. Below are few fun activities for children.

General information

Hot air balloon

globeWhat could be more enjoyable than experiencing the soaring glob on the sky and enjoying the wind on the hot air balloon with your kids? The hot air balloon is one activity that your children will never forget, and they will always the reminding you to take them again. Hot air balloon can be found in any state, and when you decide to take your kid’s the first thing that you should take note of is none of them is scared of heights. It can be scary at first but with you around you can always assure them to calm down.

Paint premade pottery

Take your children in a do it yourself pottery painting that accept all ages. The studio will engage you in an art activity. First, they will provide you with the plates, mugs or the bowls and the painting gears. Firstly tell the kids to choose the ceramic piece they would want to paint and the colors they want. The primary purpose of this activities is getting to know some of the talents that your kids have and the only way to do so is getting them exposed to the different activities. Art will give the children a chance to be creative and be happy with the work they do.

A yard sale

girl blowing bubbleThe yard sale is the best way to create competition among your children, but still letting them have fun. You will just give the kids some items to sell it will be their jobs to be creative and come up with ways of selling the items in your yard. Take note to monitor the children and help them out when they need help. The yard sale is the best activities to help them learn how the outside life works and assist them to know how to manage the money also not forgetting that this is helpful in maths.



Ways Of Watching Your Favorite Movies and Tv Shows

By   21/07/2017

Watching a movie or a TV show is one of the ways of relaxing together with your family or friends. This calls for looking for a movie or a television show that all the people present will enjoy watching together. One can put a list of their favorite movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy 2 full movie and TV shows and begin watching them. There are several ways of watching favorite movies and TV shows. Below are some of the ways;

Watching Favorite Movies and Tv Shows

Watching from blue ray DVDSDVDS

These DVDs have become a common way of watching TV shows and movies. This is an efficient way of bringing the movie from the theater right into your home at the comfort of your sofa. It is also a way of building one’s personal collection of great movies and TV shows. However, it is important to note that this is sometimes very expensive unless one gets a deal from their movie stores and hence save money.

Use of pay per view

This is one of the online platforms. It has a collection of new movies every other week where one can choose from. It also has new releases as soon as they have been released or can be found a week or two later for viewing. This is among the most convenient ways of watching your favorite movies and TV shows without leaving your house to get the movie or show.

Video on demand

This provides one with a platform for viewing movies or TV shows whenever they want to watch them. One does not have to wait for the film to start showing. It also provides one with more choices of movies and TV shows to choose from. This also makes it easier for one to use their schedule of watching without interfering with another person’s schedule of watching.

Premium movie and TV shows channel

These channels bring one new movie every other new month. The disadvantage is that they do not have very recent releases. Their main advantage is that they offer a broad genre to choose from hence a great choice for those who love variety.

Streaming online

TVOnline streaming offers one a great way of selecting many movies and TV shows. It has both new and old releases. It is more like one’s online movies store. One does not have to leave the comfort of their home to get a movie from their local video store. All the TV shows and movies are just a click away. Online streaming attracts a monthly fee. Some sites send one a DVD of one’s favorite TV shows and movies via their email address. This also expands one’s home entertainment library, and they can watch as many movies as they want.

When one opts to watch their favorite shows and movies from home, they end up saving a lot of money they would have spent going to the theaters. They just have to ensure their house is filled with enough popcorn for people to enjoy as they watch right from the sofa.

Top Tips To Get Most Of Any Photo Booth Rental

By   21/07/2017

Renting a photo booth is quite expensive. However, you can get most of this experience. You need to know that your rented photo booth is part of your event entertainment. You can Read Our Reviews to learn more about photo booths. In this post, we share important tips to make your photo booth more entertaining. Moreover, you will get your guests to take a lot of pictures.

Use propscamera lens

As much as your event is elegant, black tie is the affair. You need to use props in your photo booth. In fact, your guests will have the opportunity to have more fun by using boas, glasses, and hats. Moreover, preps encourage guests to use your photo booth over and over. This will offer them a chance to take great pictures in their evening gowns and tuxedos.

Close to action

You do not have to stick your photo booth in a foyer. This is because fun is contagious. You are free to pour it with rest of the party. One of the great locations is next to the dance floor. If you have rented a photo booth for a limited time, you will need to set up it in a place where all guests see it.

Photo strips

The majority of photo booth companies put custom text on photo strips off you. This makes them quite memorable. Thus, they will not be thrown away. The good thing about this is that it can save you a lot of bucks. For instance, if you have lots of guests, you need to give them a token as a form of appreciation.

Memory book

The majority magazineof photo booth vendors offer you a book. However, you can also have a book for yourself. You can ask the rental vendor to automatically do double prints. This means that the guests can have a copy of memory book. You can also provide your guests with pens to sign next to their photos. Also, you can purchase stickers such as bubbles. In this case, people will become quite creative. Creative options make your guests come for more.

Custom cut outs

This is quite simple means of personalizing photo booth experience. You can cut them and give them a cardboard. Guests will pose with the groom and bride all night. For some events, it is advisable to use bumper stickers that feature funny sayings.

What is involved in renting a photo booth

By   19/05/2017

Are you looking for a professional photo booth rental? While searching for a photo booth rental for your occasion, it will be your prime expectation to find one that offers you high grade and most professional photo booth experience. It is evident that you will go with a company that provides you good images, and at the same provides your excellent customer service.

The market today is flooded with dozens of photo booth rentals, but you need to be careful while choosing one of them. Now, What is involved in renting a photo booth to help you significantly in your hunt.

Look for the best equipment

While you are discussing with the company that rents a photo booth, ensure that they promise to provide you the best equipment for your event. The equipment must be capable of capturing your moments in a nice way. After all – you want to cherish those beautiful moments for long. So, never compromise on the equipment. You must find out whether the company uses a real camera or not. Because of these days, many photo booth rentals in use a web cam instead of a real camera.

man using cameraYou must always prefer a photo booth with a real camera because a real camera will ensure that the pictures are bright and crystal clear. On the other hand, images from web cam are black and blurry. A real camera also allows the operator to adjust the zoom. This helps in fitting small or large groups into the booth very easily. Choose a photo booth that uses a camera having highest resolution and mega pixel count. Also, ensure that the booth has a monitor inside so that you and your guests can come to know how to pose for the shots.

Look for unique features, adaptability, and customization

Another points that you must be while looking for a professional photo booth rental are the features and customization found in the booth. Ensure that the booth that you choose can be set at your event venue efficiently. Ensure that the company you choose provides you the right photo layout, proper backdrops and props. Check out the template design options available with them and choose one that blends with your taste and your occasion’s theme.


womanThese are also an essential factor involved while searching a reliable company that offers the facility of renting a photo booth. Ensure that there are no hidden charges attached to the cost that you have been told by the company because most of these entities add on extra charges such as travel time, set up and breakdown fees and many other miscellaneous fees.

So, keep away from such organizations and search one that offers rentals at reliable rates. You can find an affordable company by browsing through the websites of companies that provide the facility of photo booth renting.

Make use of the above tips if you want to rent a photo booth from a professional company.

Advantages Of A Portable Karaoke System

By   22/04/2017

People are in love with karaoke nowadays, and this trend is growing over the past days. Also, parents are still purchasing the karaoke machine for the kids to have that family fun night. And this is possible in you have the portable machine because you can’t have this if the karaoke machine is not portable. Most people don’t like to admit to the fact that they are into signing, but with the help of the karaoke machine, they will have the courage because the words are detailed out. When you use the portable machine for a family fun day, the kids learn how to read, and it is so fun for them. Those are some of the advantages of the portable karaoke machine others include;


Movement without restrictions

holding micNo movement restriction is the obvious advantage of the portable karaoke machine. You don’t have to worry about always having to have it installed in the house when you want to use it because the portable karaoke machine you can install it when you want to use it, and it does not take the time to connect. The karaoke machine can also easily be carried to a second destination if you are planning to have the karaoke party while you enjoy the sun there won’t be any restriction.

Easy to store

Another advantage that the portable karaoke machine has it’s that it easily be kept in the house because it’s not that big. You can just store the karaoke machine in its box and store it in the garage. Also when you are moving the machine from one place to anther it easy because you can just carry the machine inside your car. When storing the machine just ensure that the place is not wet because it does not do well with water just like any other machine.


microphoneWhen you compare the weight of the portable karaoke machine with others this on has a light weight. When the kids want to use the machine you don’t have to worry about them getting hurt because they can easily handle the machine. Most of the karaoke machine the kids cannot take care, of it and when they want to use the machine, they will have to call the parents to help them out.

We all know that kids are curious to know how things work and with the portable karaoke machine you will not have to worry about them hurting themselves or even destroying the machine. The machine will be an investment, and if you buy, it’s often it can be a wastage of cash.



Features of the best gaming laptop that will increase your enjoyment

By   23/03/2017

Buying any laptop can be a daunting task, but buying a high-performance gaming laptop can be an even more challenging undertaking. There are a lot of features you need to look for to get the best gaming laptop that meets your gaming needs. That Video Game Blog’s budget gaming laptop guide can help you.

As well, when buying a gaming laptop, you need a high-performance system that can efficiently play all of the latest video games. Below are features of the best gaming laptop that will increase your enjoyment.


The screen size is important and for a good gaming experience, size must be large enough. It is advised that the right screen size is a minimum of 15″. This is because you need an excellent screen space for playing the games. There are monitors available that are up to 18″ for a laptop.

Graphics card

Get a graphics card that has plenty of VRAM (video RAM). 4GB is the minimum for a good gaming experience, but you should make sure it does not max out at 4GB if you play complicated games. As well, ensure that the gaming laptop has a wireless card for internet gaming sessions.


The processor should be multi-core such as a quad-core. You can even get 6 or 8 core processors. Consider the cache size and clock speed because you will need plenty of power and speed.

Hard disk space

hard diskMake sure you get a lot of hard drive space to ensure you do not use it up when playing games.

Size and weight of laptop

Considering the size and weight of the gaming laptop is important. If you plan to take the laptop with you a lot, you will likely want a smaller and lighter laptop for your convenience. However, if you are going with a large screen size, you will not be able to get a small laptop.


If you are going to need to be mobile, it is important to get a battery with a long life. Most laptops use lithium ion batteries that are judged by their capacity which is measured in cells. Or you may want to include an additional battery in your package.

Keyboard and touch pad

laptopThe keyboard on the gaming laptop computer that you buy should be big enough for you to use it comfortably. Everyone has different sized hands, so this is a very personal issue. These days there are keyboard which are lit to ensure that you have wholesome gaming experience even in the dark. The touchpad on the laptop should also feel comfortable.

Watching your favorite movies

By   19/03/2017

Everyone like a good movie from time to time. A great movie helps us relax, and also entertains us. Finding the right one to watch can also be important as it will depend on the mood that you are in at that time. If you want to watch a movie these days, there are many options, let us take a look at what they are.

Going to the cinemapop corn and drink

If you want to watch the latest movies, going to the cinema may be the only option. However, standing in the queues forever and then sitting in a hall full of other people can be a little annoying and tiring too. While there may be an appeal of going o the movies, the trouble may just not be worth it.

Online streaming

Today everyone is connected to the internet either through a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Streaming movies like 50 Shades Darker online can be a much more convenient option. You do not have to drive or stand in lines anymore. You can watch them anywhere you like as long as you have a fast internet connection and a compatible device. Online movie watching is the way people are able to watch the latest shows and also catch up on episodes of their favorite series. There are so many different sites that provide you will find cinema movies and also those that are popular on the small screen. Many of the websites that offer these movies to people do so for free. They make their revenue off of advertising so the users may have to deal with little pop-ups here and there.

Television/Cable TV

laptop and pop cornMany of us have a television in our homes. You may have regular TV and probably cable too. However, the problem we have is being able to watch the movies on their schedule. We have commitments like work and other chores which must be done first and that in turn makes us miss out favorite shows. If you are a stay at home mom or dad, that’s fine, but if you go to work, then you may not be able to watch the shows of your choice. Most cable channels would nowadays come bundled with an internet connection anyway so you can catch up on your favorite movie on the web.


Movies help us stay entertained and relaxed and if you are looking for a good one to watch now, look online and you will be surprised at the available choices.

Rogue One Movie Review

By   04/01/2017

No matter the measures you take, Rogue One movie is a sure-fire hit. It is likely to be one of the popular movies franchises of all time, and there is a great director behind the camera. Beyond all homages and explosions, there is a struggle below the surface of the movie.

Top charactersmovie

Rogue One casts Felicity Jones, Academy Award nominee, Jyn Also. She is a rebellious woman that is recruited by Rebel Alliance to retrieve and find her long-lost dad, who is the designer of Death Star, which is a planet destroying the weapon. For the mission she is to undertake, she is accompanied by Rebel Intelligence officer Diego Luna and a group of teammates such as Donnie Yen, Riz Ahmed, and Wen Jiang.

Orson Krennic and the whole empire opposes the ragtag team. As protagonists of this movie try to wrench into diabolical plans of this Empire. This is first Star Wars standalone movies that are dramatically giving longtime fans. Instead of going all-in-one approach, the director does an amazing job by delivering on all options irrespective of few flaws in the final product. It works quite well and as a compromise between old and new.

Some critics argue that this movie is a gamble, which pays off with characters. They say that too artificial when it comes to other computer generated characters. Fortunately, the performance of new characters makes up for the computer generated flaws.

The main charactemovie 2r can be said to be well-suited for Star Wars universe. In fact, you can say the same to every member of the movie’s cast of protagonists. They seem to carve out unique, interesting roles in events, which transpire around them. They also avoid coming across as disposable allies. You will find Jiang and Yen’s characters quite fascinating to watch. This movie hints at deeper stories. Also, the audience has quite very little time as the resistance leader with mystic powers appears.

The villain

The primary villain in this movie is the sinister Imperial officer that shares a lot in common. There is a lot about this character and his performance. In any case, it is not an easy task. Even though there are memorable performances by the newcomers and homages of past, this movie does not feel impactful as compared to preceding films. Thus, you get to the film by knowing that villains and heroes get a passing reference in new chapters.

Basic Information About The Telugu MP3

By   03/10/2016

Telugu wap is a site that provides you with songs videos and movies from across Asia. It is the best place in getting recent videos immediately they are released. The Telugu Mp3 Songs are in high demand especially in Asia. It is considered the number one mp3 songs download site that update songs daily. It is available on all social media sites where they update their customers in music trends, release dates, and private parties. They are currently available on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ among other sites. Their current Facebook page has many followers who are kept informed with updates.


Telugu Movies

Telugu wap provides a vast collection of their site you get to see the upload dates of movies giving you a mp3chance to choose the latest. Telugu Mp3 has the fastest in video downloads. They also have full mp3 songs from films and movie trailers. The most recent movie trailers added include;

  • Pellichoopulu 2016 Telugu Movie Official Trailer
  • Nirmala Convent 2016 Telugu Movie Digital
  • Srirastu Subhamastu 2016 Telugu Movie Official.

Movie songs

They have movie songs from many different movies added on a daily basis. With Telugu, you are assured that apart from watching your favorite movie you also get to keep your favorite song.

  • Zindagi 2016 Telugu Movie Full Mp3 Songs
  • A Aa 2016 Telugu Movie 1 Min Video
  • Dhada Puttistha 2016 Telugu Movie Full Mp3 Songs
  • Naga Chaitanya’s Premium Telugu Movie Full Mp3 Songs.
  • Venkatesh’s Babu Bangaram Telugu Movie Full Mp3 Songs

Telugu MP also has the latest high definition and quality video songs. The songs range from 1 minutes to full 4 minute or 5-minute songs. Some of the songs featured are

  • A Aa 1min video songs
  • Rojulu Marayi 2 min video songs
  • Nenu Rowdy Ne full HD songs.

Telugu MP

Telugu MP is a well-organized site24 hour. They have a vast collection of songs. Telugu has the greatest collection of Indian romantic songs both from movies and Indian artists. The site has so many users who prove it to be reliable and convenient for all latest movie and song downloads. Apart from videos songs and movies the site also has free downloadable ringtones for your phone. The site offer free downloads for songs and videos for your search is made easier with the following download menu.

  • Telugu mp3 songs
  • Telugu mp3 video songs
  • Telugu Ringtones
  • Telugu movie trailers
  • Telugu movie songs.


mp3 deviceTeluguwap net has the following tags; Telugu wap net MyTeluguwap.Net, Telugu New Movies,, TeluguMp3, TeluguWap.Asia, and Telugu Movie Mp3 Songs. Others include the Telugu Mobile Downloads, Dore Gama,, Telugu 1080p HD Video Songs, TeluguMp4 Trailers, TeluguWapOne, and Telugu Mp3 Songs Free Download.

Benefits Of Downloading TV Series

By   13/07/2016

Nowadays, it is easy to download videos online. The process is very straightforward and fast. Do you love the TV series friends? Well, you can download it and watch all the seasons at the comfort of your home. You can enjoy watching anywhere without any problem at all. Downloading the TV series on your Smartphone allows you to catch up with the series you have missed. There are many advantages that you can achieve by downloading your favorite television series. Here are just some of them.


Variety of choices

You do not want to limit yourself when it comes to watching your favorite show. That is why when you download thefilm roll TV series, you have the ability to choose any episode that you want. You do not have to watch the limited version that is shown on television. You can quickly catch up with the episode you missed on TV.

Besides, download allows you to view a version that has not been shown on the television. It gives you a chance to enjoy your favorite shows without any advertisement breaks.

Opportunity of watching the Full season

When you watch the series on television, you are limited to a given episode only. You also have to wait until the next time the show will be shown on television. However, you can download the series on your Smartphone. You have endless ways to watch. If you have the time, you can watch a full episode in a whole day; you just have to make sure that you have enough memory on your device. You do not have to wait for the series to be aired on television. You can even watch the series while waiting for a bus.


cameraIf you want convenience, then you should opt for downloading television shows. Get friends TV download to enjoy a moment like no other. You do not have to depend on the scheduled time of the television channel to watch friend’s series. When you download it to your gadget, you do not have to wait for the show to air on television.

Simply download it and you get the freedom to watch anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, you will be entertained wherever you are when you have this comedy series on your Smartphone. Do not worry if you have missed an episode, just go online and download it.

Jimmy Buffett is The Best

By   09/07/2016

Let’s talk about Jimmy Buffett. He has been recording his individual brand of romanticism beach bum music for over 50 years. He has reached audiences in practically every nation fan of every age, may it be young or old prefers his music. Some have been following his career from the beginning, while for others his song collections and preferences that have been passed from parents and adult fans. Click here to get your tickets for a show Jimmy Buffett tickets.

Personal Life

Aged 69, Jimmy was born on 25th December 1946 in Mississipi US Jimmy Buffettand spent some of his childhood at Mobile Alabama. From Schoolday he had music running in his blood. But to your surprise, he was a trombone player in the school band. He first started playing guitar during his first year at Auburn University. In 2015, he spoke at the University of Miami’s graduation ceremony and received an honorary doctorate in music.

Music Career

Jimmy began his music career in late 1960 as a country artist in Nashville, Tennessee. After ten years, in 1970 he recorded his first album, “folk rock Down to Earth”. Around this time he was found busking for tourist in New Orleans quite often. By 1977, Jimmy has released the 7th album, “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes” which featured the breakthrough hit “Margaritaville”.

Contribution to the industry

Jimmy Buffett performanceWith over 40 music albums, and a wide variety of studio albums, live albums, special compilations, singles and music videos, Jimmy has made a remarkable contribution to the music industry. In his significant role in the music industry, his unique form of music called “Gulf & Western” which combines components of country, pop, folk rock and Caribbean, with tropical musical themes have created waves that would be truly unforgettable.

How to Buy Music Tickets before Selling-out

By   10/04/2016

There are those big events that everyone is always waiting for, and once the opening starts everyone runs and before you know, they are sold out. When you want to Buy concert tickets in advance you need some tricks. There are tricks that always help in being the first to get tickets before anyone does.

There are instances, where people get such tickets in large amounts and later re-sell them at a higher price once sold out. To avoid such problems, always make sure you get tickets on time before they run out and you end up spending more.

Steps on buying tickets online early

Create an account in advance

There are many websites that sell tickets online, and you need to set an account with one of your favorite sites the day before. This is to ensure that by the time comes you are ready to buyticket your ticket your account is set-up and ready.

There are some of the sites that cannot allow you to buy tickets without an account. On the day when the tickets are released, the site may become congested making it difficult for you to set up your account on the day of ticket release. The earlier you set-up your account, the better.

Put your details ready

If you are planning to buy details online, it is always advisable to put your details in advance. There are different details that are needed to buy tickets online. For instance, you may need to know the class of tickets you want to buy and other details.

Most of the music concerts and event concert classify their tickets according to class like the VVIP, VIP, and regular tickets. Regular tickets always run out fast before any other kind of tickets. Remember to put your payment methods in place because at some point you may need to put your payment details.

Set an alarm time to ticket release

The secret to bumany ticketsying music tickets before they ran out is to make sure that you set an alarm just before the time the tickets are released. The big fans out there are always counting down to the time of the release, so it is important to set an alarm to the time of release.

This will be a good way to help you remember the exact time when the tickets will be released. There are times when tickets ran out after 5 minutes of release. When you know the exact time of release you will be able to buy music tickets in the first few minutes after they are released.

Song of India vs South Africa

By   18/03/2016

It was quite unfortunate for South Africa because Dyle Styen’s their best hit man could not go through the fitness test due to his injury.

south-africa music

Five years ago Styen opened gates for South Africa beating India by a several number of scores.

He is however still the world’s greatest.

This time round it was a major throw back for South Africa getting into the match without their renowned champion Dyle.

Nevertheless Morne Morkel was asked to take his place and he took over his shadow admirably.

The Indian ice breaker Murali Vijay who has become competent to resist any rival bowler had a great challenge with Morne Morkel.

Morne advanced on Vijay with vigor to make sure that he fixes him in a box.

He was quick to retrieve but unfortunately he was slow and he did not hit the target, the ball knocked his leg at the back leaving him at the front.

As if Morne didn’t make an impact in the first match, he made a major come back in the afternoon.

His opponent Ajinkya Rahane was fully prepared to face him courageously.guitar

Morne tried to give him a predictable outswing that did not work perfectly as Rahane went out for a vast drive.

Even though Morne did not receive major achievements at first regardless of his much effort to bowl he emerged totally unbeatable in the entire match.

He kept constantly throwing the ball at the perfect line letting theitl to move in a reasonable slow track.

He had eliminated his counterpart Murali Vijay effortlessly while resisting Rohit Sharma in a sensitive effective manner.

The afternoon session was quite incredible as Dwahan narrowly escaped from Mortens fury after he approached him in a toe crusher attitude.

This series of games would later place India at 190 for four and a collective 403 after the end of the three days.

With several more days left to play the game before Sunday came India had major hopes of knocking out the Proteas on the last day.

romantic boy playing guitarRahane and Kholi was quite a combination.

Rahane wanted to draw back but Kholi ensured that every error was corrected even though during the march he was playing a segment late.

With this every team began battling towards achieving a reasonable number of scores.

They lastly arrived to 215 which was made possible by a corporation between the Wriddhiman Saha and Ravindra Jadeja.

All in all Morne made everyone proud, he emerged the hero of the day because he played the leader in the most amazing way.

2016 Movies List

By   14/02/2015


Now we are almost coming to the end of the first half of 2016 and are you aware of any movies that will be released this year?

Well, read on:

  • Captain America: Civil War

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War’ finds Steve Rogers heading the new team of Avengers in their continuous efforts to protect humanity.

However, after another scene results in collateral damage, (involving the avengers) political pressure increases to put in place a system of accountability, led by a governing body to direct and oversee the team.

The new situation fractures the Avengers, giving rise to two camps – one headed by Steve and his aspiration for the Avengers to be free to safeguard humanity without the interference of the government, and the other ensuing Tony Stark’s astounding decision to support government accountability and oversight.

Get ready to choose a side and connect with the non-stop action taking part on two fronts when Captain America: Civil War opens in US theaters come May 6, 2016.

  • Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Fearing the activities of a “god like” superhero left unimpeded, Gotham City’s formidable vigilante takes on the most revered, modern day savior of Metropolis, while the Earth wrestles with what type of hero it really wants.

And with Batman v Superman at war with each other, a new threat fast arises, putting humanity in greater risk than it is ever known before.

  • Ghostbusters

foodSony recruited Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky “The Office” writer/producers to take on a new system of the 1980’s franchise that featured Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson as mumbling ghost–hunting scientists.

The original makers, including director Reitman and the cast are aware of the entire project and taking part in its creation.

Some cast members that were originally there might as well be involved, but the main focus will be on another new cast of ghost hunters.

“Ghostbusters” was the top-grossing Sony movie ever till “Men in Black” and later all 3 “Spider-Man” movie beat it out.

The film grossed $293 million worldwide, while its 1990 sequel raked in another $216 million globally.

  • Deadpool

Deadpool is based upon the most eccentric anti-hero and tells the true story of Wade Wilson (former Special Forces personnel who after being imperiled to a rogue experiment, leaves him with speeded healing powers, embraces the alter-ego “Deadpool”.

Armed with a dark, twisted humor and his new abilities, Deadpool hunts the guy who almost brought his life to an end.

It is one of the best films that you should consider in your movie 2016 list.